Relationship Coaching

For the The Freedom-Seeking Woman

Hi, I’m Nat.

I’m a relationship coach for women.

I chose this path because, well, I’m kind of obsessed with understanding what it takes to have a happy, thriving relationship where you feel deeply seen and met by your partner.

Where you trust yourself and have your back no matter what.

Where you can hold space for the tender parts of yourself, removing all shame and judgement.

And where you feel completely free to be yourself.

“I opened up and trusted Nat from the start. Together we healed deep issues and triggers that I have been working on for over 10 years with very little success…

Finally, now I can say that I have a better understanding and have many new tools to face my fears and deal with triggering situations in a more healthy way.  I was always blown away by her precision and on point feedback . Just WOW. Nat’s beautiful loving energy will stay in my heart as a powerful moment of transformation. Thank you from my heart.”

Yamuna Devi: Yoga teacher, massage therapist and teacher trainer 

I am devoted to helping women fall deeply in love with every part of themselves.

No more self-abandoning 

No more stifling self-expression 

No more morphing into what you think someone else wants you to be

No more disconnection from your beautiful, unique, most authentic essence. 

The patterns you see emerging in your relationships provide the pathway to your deepest healing


How to use your relationship triggers as valuable gifts for transformation

Some of the powerful tools and processes I use in my coaching containers

  • Rewiring negative beliefs
  • Getting off the wheel of self sabotage
  • Visioning
  • Myth of Perfection
  • Journaling
  • Inner Child Parenting
  • Boundary Setting
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Ritual
  • Role Playing
  • Communication (NVC & IMAGO based)

“Working with Nat was so healing for me…

I was feeling really triggered in a new relationship and she helped me navigate all my emotions in a powerfully transformative way. Nat’s approach is so loving, accepting, and encouraging. With her guidance, I was able to find the root of my triggers and move through old painful memories with her gentle soul helping me feel safe. I highly recommend working with Nat!