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“Natalie is a gifted coach and created a safe and nurturing environment where I was able to share my thoughts and feelings and allow myself to be completely vulnerable.

I was, and still am, navigating through a difficult and painful phase of my relationship, and there was nothing I felt I couldn’t share with Natalie and the group. Natalie teaches from experience, so you know you’re not alone with your experiences, and nothing is too “mental”.

I have a new set of tools to whip out when I need them, and even after a few short weeks, I have a strengthened sense of care and respect for myself. I definitely would work with Natalie again, and I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Leanne Rivers

The Transform Your Triggers Workshop Curriculum

I offer online and in-person group coaching and one-off workshops.

Transform Your Triggers is all about understanding your relational triggers and seeing them as gifts, leading you towards your own healing and growth.

What I mean by a relational trigger is something that comes up specifically related to your relationships that has the power to knock you off your centre. 

Every time you get triggered, you are being shown a juicy piece of information about yourself that you have the power to transform.

A trigger is essentially an unhealed emotional wound.

It’s easy to think that others are doing something to us, but actually, they are holding up a mirror reflecting back to us what needs healing within us.

For each emotional response, there is a deeper underlying cause, often rooted in childhood or a significant past emotional experience.

You can think of a triggered response as a kind of signal; a part of you that’s asking something from you, saying, “Hey, I need some support here!”

Identifying our triggers can help us recognise an unmet need that causes us to react in ways that destabilise our relationships.

This workshop and series of workshops are intended to help you become familiar with that unmet need and its roots and ‘invite it round for tea’ so that when it comes up again, you can have increased capacity to respond in a way that honours your needs and the needs of the relationship.

If you continue to do this profound work of transforming triggers, you will see radical (and magical) shifts in your life and relationships!

The Transform Your Triggers 5 Week Course was such a powerful experience.

What’s Included:

  • A guided meditation 
  • An introduction to triggers; what are triggers, what happens when we get triggered, and what are they essentially teaching us?
  • A guided exercise into understanding and transforming your own personal triggers
  • Group sharing for those open to share
  • Grounding meditation to finish
  • Tea and chats

I absolutely LOVE this process of navigating triggers!

Because every time you’re triggered, you get to learn something new about yourself.

You’ll leave this workshop feeling a little more in the know about how your beautiful internal system works, as well as what you need to move forward with a whole lot of love, self-compassion, and a new sense of freedom in your relationships. 

I’ve been single for a long time. I signed up for the five-week Transform Your Triggers course, not knowing if it would be relevant to my situation, and I’m so glad I did.