About Nat

So, if we’re gonna be going deep together, you probably wanna know a bit about me…

I love anything 70s – especially music and fashion. My dream car is a 1970 purple convertible beetle. 

One of my favourite possessions is my 1970s record player! 

I’m a massive goon with a very childish sense of humour (yes, I still find drawing a cock and balls on my friends’ birthday cards absolutely hilarious!). 

I’m gonna blow my own trumpet here, but I’m an awwwwesome percussionist – djembe being my fave instrument of choice. 

I’m a bit hippy, a bit rock and roll, a bit grunge, maybe with a splash of hipster and a sprinkling of nerd.

Born in the mid-80s in Portsmouth, UK. Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising. Venus and Mercury are also in Cancer. Yep, that’s a lot of emotion right there.

I absolutely LOVE to travel, go to festies and have a hell of a lot of FUN. 

My core values:  Playfulness, Freed Honesty and Courage

My relationship history:

I’ll be frank with you – I’ve been in a shit load of relationships!

And I gave my power away in pretty much all of them.

I became who I thought my partner wanted me to be, which meant that I didn’t speak my truth or honour my needs and constantly sought validation from my relationship. 

I would rely on my partner’s approval so I could feel, well, safe.

The result? I completely lost myself!

Many “failed” relationships later, I made a strong commitment to making how I feel and my connection to myself my absolute main priority. 

I was desperate to understand the nature of relationships, so I delved into the teachings of masterful relationship coaches, therapists and philosophers, and other schools of wisdom such as the law of attraction, attachment theory, mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication.

Before I got into my now (incredible) relationship, I got very clear about who I was and what I wanted: my values, my core relational needs and my triggers.

I knew I had to be honest about who I was and what I needed at the beginning of my relationship. So, after a couple of wines for liquid courage, I laid it all out there. 

I believe that it was this strong, intentional beginning that set the trajectory for how our relationship has unfolded. 

We’re now hitting the three-year mark, which is my longest relationship ever!

I’ve never felt this myself in a relationship. 

I’ve never felt this secure, confident, free and loved! 

I’ve never felt so at home.

But most importantly, the safety and trust that we have mutually agreed to tend to has created an environment where the most vulnerable parts of us can be seen, understood, and deeply cared for –  where all parts are welcome. 

This is the power of conscious, committed partnership.

Using what I’ve learned through my studies, as well as what I’m moving through in my own relationship, I can now say I have become pretty good at disentangling from unhelpful habits and beliefs, stepping back into my power and expressing my needs and vulnerability in a way that brings more closeness, intimacy and connection in my relationship. 

In 2021, I completed my training as a Sacred Depths coach, facilitated by the amazing Joanna Lindenbaum, which has helped me refine my skills as a coach to create a safe, strong container for women to do their deepest work. 

It is my desire that my clients leave our container together feeling freer, more secure, and with a deep knowing that they have a home within themselves with all the resources they need to have a deeply fulfilled, thriving and truly loving relationship!

I work with single women and women in relationships.